US-based start-up is building AI technology using human intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a considerably important matter of discussion in recent times and now a start-up in USA s building AI technology which is based on collective human intelligence.

The predominant concept of AI has remained quite basic in the past as people were taking it as an ultra-intelligent robot that performs an enormous amount of data within seconds that otherwise human will take months of laborious hard work.

However, this US start-up emphasizes that human intelligence should be the pivotal force and it should be blended into artificial intelligence to get perfect results.

The Unanimous AI, based in San Francisco, has used swarm intelligence for developing artificial intelligence. The swarm intelligence is also known as the collective behaviour that is often displayed when a group of humans work together as a group.

US-based start-up is building AI technology using human intelligence

The start-up blends AI algorithms with human decision making processes to find the best solution for a query or question from a group of participants, which is referred to as a swarm. The main aim is to get the best possible answer or solution by blending human intelligence with AI algorithms.

At last week’s Credit Suisse Asian Investment Conference, the chief intelligence officer of Unanimous AI David Baltaxe stated that “We have had great success in predicting and forecasting things like the results of sporting events, political events, and even the Oscars.” He further claimed that the swarms have performed better than the traditional systems of artificial intelligence.

Unanimous AI has got a remarkable success rate of 94 percent in the 2018 Academy Award. They accurately predicted the Oscar winners in all but one of the total 16 major categories.

In an anticipated US$21.46 billion AI industry in 2018, Unanimous AI start-up is looking forward to making their mark at a global level. Scientists and researchers have been working really hard in AI sector and have produced amazing systems including driving a car without a human driver.

However, Unanimous AI is emphasizing on the fact that human intelligence should also be a deciding force and it should be used for AI to get better results. “When groups of people get together, the output is much more accurate and satisfactory to all participants because everyone is participating,” Baltaxe added.

He further said, “AI systems may be able to have great control over our lives, but [if the systems exist externally] we may not be able to comprehend why they come to certain decisions.

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