Tumblr Blames Russia Used its platform for fake news during US Elections

Tumblr, one of the most renowned blogging platforms, has revealed that a ghost internet group of 13 people from Russia used 84 accounts for spreading disinformation during the 2016 elections in the United States.

A Tumblr statement said that they discovered the list of accounts that “were being used as part of a disinformation campaign leading up to the 2016 US election”. After detecting the accounts, they notified the relevant law enforcement forces including US Justice Department about the matter and also terminated all those shadowy accounts that were used to spread misinformation during 2016 US elections.

The announcement of Tumblr further added that they discovered this scheme in 2017 while helping an investigation and it let eventually led to an Internet Research Agency based in Russia.

Furthermore, the Tumblr statement revealed that the usernames of all the 84 accounts belonged to the Russian “troll farm”.

The statement from Tumblr further said, “We’re committed to transparency and want you to know everything that we know.” It further added, “We’ve decided to leave up any reblog chains that might be on your Tumblrs – you can choose to leave them or delete them. We’re letting you decide because the reblog chains contain posts created by real Tumblr users, often challenging or debunking the false and incendiary claims in the IRA-linked original post.”

This announcement adds this blogging platform, Tumblr, into the list of those social media platforms that indirectly became a part of a political campaign that helped boost the position of Donald Trump during the 2016 US election campaign against Hilary Clinton. Trump’s eventually claimed victory and got elected as the President of United States.