Indian people died ruthlessly by train hitting

Indian people died ruthlessly by train hitting when they were all stood on the railway track. According to reports, many people were gathered on railway track due to some annual celebration at one shrine near to railway station. According to rules, they would not have stood on the railway track as it was not thorough fare.

However, they were all standing over there when another train was coming at the speed of 50Km/h and struck with the mob. There are about 30 people died ruthlessly and many were wounded and shifted to nearby hospital. People were lost their lives in few seconds due to their own fault.

After it people started to strike against railway authority that was not suitable at all. They were started to put fire on trains and train office at railway station. They were even broken panes and doors of the train which really non-sensible act by them.

Talking about railway authorities, they have survey about one year ago in which they collected some figures as about 15 thousand people are died annually in India. Most of them are become the victim of train incident due to their own fault.

They also showed the recent example as many people were on the railway track which was prohibited for the common people. However, they were stood there due to which they got the ruthless incident. Railway authorities tell to media as they also have done many safety measurements but people always overruled to those safety measurement unfortunately.

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