Chinese baby survives miraculously after being buried alive

Chinese baby survives miraculously after being buried alive for eight days. According to reports, it remained in buried condition in graveyard and again survived which was not less than miracle of Allah. According to reports, it was all done by his parents who buried his baby in the mountains of Guangxi Province in the Southern part of China.

According to whole story, the parents of the baby refused to get their baby when they see as he had some cleft on his lip. He was born in the hospital of Tian Dong County community. Furthermore, then one Chinese female heard some voices of baby crying from the graveyard when she was collecting some Chinese medicines according to her. According to female she was really shocked to hear crying voices of baby which draw her attention forcefully.

She further added as when she heard everything about the child she ran towards the temple of Buddhist as she knew she could get help from there very easily. She also had some thinking as she could get some problem if she would stay there alone on the mountain. According to reports, she was not new comer in the temple but she was used to go there and was also very regular volunteer at Sipping Temple.

So, it helped to her and she got successful to get help very soon of priest. She took that priest and asked him to walk hurry towards graveyard so that they could save baby from any further danger. He was also very old and experienced per at the age of 75 and he realized it very soon as voices was coming from underground source. He did not wait for anything and called to police at once.

According to him it was very good approach to police so that they can see from where they would get little baby. Actually, he knew very well about different questions of police if they drew out that child without the presence of police. In this way, he became hero in front of police when they gave them new born baby facing hardships of eights underground.

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