Chinese air force prepares for war, holds drills over the South China Sea

Chinese air force has recently started drills over the South China Sea that indicate a preparation of war in Western Pacific. The China’s first military exercises between Japan’s Southern Islands has almost exceeded a three-month period.

Su-30, H-6K and Su-35 fighter jets passed over Miyako Strait by carrying out combat patrols. The area lies between two important Islands of Japan. These drills came at a time when China’s lawmakers approved a few changes in the constitution and also confirmed a new line-up for the government.

The Chinese President Xi Jinping gave a speech and emphasized on a strong nationalist approach. He warned that any attempt to divide the nation would be crushed without any leniency. His main focus was on the talks of independence of Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Chinese air force also released the footage of their drills as the defense ministry of Japan confirmed the drills comprising on eight military crafts of China including a Tu-154, ix H-6K bombers, and Yun-8 transport plane.

A military expert from Jiangxi province, Zeng Zhiping, gave his statement on these unusual drills by saying, “Rather than a fighter jet or two, numerous military aircraft with multiple functions passed over the Miyako Strait before they carried out this mission – this is by no means something that happens regularly.”

Chinese Air Force in preparation for war, holds drills over the South China Sea

Beijing made it clear that they have no plan for war but there won’t be any soft intent if any effort to divide Chinese territory is made, Chinese forces will deal it with extreme measures.

Zeng said that some diplomatic and political motivations triggered these unusual drills that will prepare Chinese air force to deal with any sort of situation that may arise. “Given the combination of aircraft carrying out this mission, the PLA Air Force could also be exploring new military strategies,” he said.

China’s Su-35 fighters have extreme ability to fight far out at sea and flying across Japanese Islands in the northeast of Taiwan is a clear indication that China is fully aware of the situation that may arise at any moment in near future. Zend added that “Air force exercises are rehearsals for future wars and are the most direct preparation for combat.”

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