Central African Republican Christian and Muslim conflict

Muslims in central Africa are being victimized by Christian community and there is no one seen there to stop them especially from Muslim countries. They are torturing and tormenting to Muslims everyday and making history of cruelty over Muslims.

They are burning to Muslim communities alive and Christian government is also helping in this guilt unfortunately. Government of that country should stop to all those Christian aggressive people and communities to do this by force if they did not understand simply.

Unluckily, Muslims are facing problems from all around the world and no one in the United Nations to defend them. There are hundreds of NGOs who are working for the welfare of humanity but all are silent in this case. They are not considering as a human and look busy in their own works. Now Muslims from the whole world has started to think as all non Muslims did not take them as human and they are doing this knowingly especially with Muslims.

When it talks about Kashmir, all human organizations around the world look silent without playing any major part to prevent all oppression on them. It seems as all NGOs are working for the welfare of developed and First World Countries and never want to see developing countries especially to Muslim countries. In these days, Indian army is again implementing brutal ways over Kashmiri people to crush them but in vain.

Talking about Palestine where children of Muslims are being buried and the whole world is silent. There is no one even to utter a single word over Israeli cruelty. Israeli forces are making tyrant activities every day in new style. They are allowed to crush Palestinians every time and everywhere. The government of Israeli is not ready to hear anybody on the point of Palestine.

So, it is clearly understood as all Muslim countries have to be united for the welfare of their own. If they would not be united they would be perished like Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Afghanistan. They need to emerge as power in the whole world and need to tell all Muslim opponents as they are present to safe themselves.

Image source: america.aljazeera.com